August means it’s pre-pumpkin spice season. Which means the local mall is not far from playing holiday music. Which also means companies are assigning the annual holiday party planning tasks.

I see you there. Somehow got volun-told that you’re planning this year’s company holiday party. Already dreading putting all the time and energy into something that might wind up feeling more like a mandatory meeting rather than a celebration. Worried that your colleagues will stand there awkwardly for a required amount of time before heading home. Yes, I see you there, and I think I have the solution. (Spoiler: it’s a photo booth.)

A photo booth always breaks the ice.

For the party guests who aren’t natural minglers, or wouldn’t come near a dance floor, a photo booth is a great alternative for entertainment. It’s always fun to see those otherwise wall-flower colleagues getting goofy in our booth. And as an added bonus, you everyone can brag about how much fun they’re having at the party you planned when they share their digital images on social media.

We have the perfect backdrop.

Whether you’re embracing your wintery surroundings or trying to escape them, we have just the backdrop. Either choose from one of our dozens of beautiful backdrops, or create your own with our green screen option.

Tie in the theme of your holiday party with your photo overlay.

Every booth you book with Clear Choice Photo Booth comes with an overlay for your photos that is completely customizable. Planning a cozy ugly sweater get together in a cabin? We got you. How about a glamorous glittering soiree? Still got you. Or getting Nauti & Nice with a beach themed party? BAM. Still got you covered. We have dozens of beautiful templates to choose from that can be changed to better fit your event, and in-house graphic designers who can work with you to create something perfect.

Incorporate holiday themed props.

As a time-tested trick of the trade, we’ll tell you that props are a great way to get your most camera-shy guests giggling for photos. A company holiday party is no exception. Whether you prefer physical props or digital props, or even a mix of both, they’re always so much fun. And be honest, how much would you love to see that certain reserved coworker posing in reindeer antlers and a red nose? And that not-so-reserved coworker with a prop? Real talk, you need photos of those moments too.

holiday party props

You get to have fun while we do the work.

Forego the stress of a DIY booth by letting the pro’s do everything for you. Sure, you could spend a few hundred dollars on a backdrop for the wall, some props, and an instant film camera. It’s cute and inventive. You know what else it is? Work. You know what costs about the same but you do nothing but make a reservation? A selfie booth. And it’s 0% work for you and 100% work (and lets be honest, also super fun) for us! So don’t hold back on that egg-nog.

If you are searching for a professional and fun photo booth rental perfect your holiday party, family party, or any party at all, you have found your match! Check out our services to find what best fits your needs. Contact your local office to speak with us directly. For more updates and information, follow us!