We’ve rounded up the four biggest trends for events happening in 2020.

If there’s one thing we know after servicing events for almost a decade, what is “in” one day can be totally “out” the nextWhen planning an event, we know that your ultimate goal is throw the best bash with guests engaged, entertained and happy. That’s why we collected the four trends you should pay attention to in 2020 to pull off the ultimate event.

Shareable Experiences.

Experiential events work best when they are truly social. An out of the box activity will motivate guests to share what’s happening at your event on social platforms. Remote audiences will feel like they are there, and wish they were!

Including the Personality of the Hosts.

Cut and paste formats of event planning are now a thing of the past.
Guests love attending an event that feels like we’re learning who the host truly is. Whether this is the personality of a quirky couple getting married, or branding of a corporate activation, guests enjoy feeling like the host is accessible and relatable.


Going green is nothing new, but event planners are now more than ever trying to reduce their environmental impact, creating a sustainable event trend.
Whether this is planning an outdoor event during the perfect time of year so there is no need to heat or cool a space, feeding your guests with locally sourced food, or minimizing paper takeaways.

Minimalist Decor.

Gaudy ballrooms are a thing of the past in favor of venues with clean, contemporary lines and industrial elements. We’re seeing events with simple color pallets and smooth textures. Minimalism has even spilled into the design of invitations and table settings.

A Timeless Trend?

Capturing your guests while they enjoy the event you planned! Let us help you take care of that part of the planning. Talk to us today about a photo experience tailored to your party needs!