5 Must-Have Photo Booth Options for Your Graduation Party

Graduation parties are an exciting time for graduates and their families, and a photo booth rental can add an extra element of fun and create lasting memories. If you’re planning a graduation party in Cleveland, Ohio, Clear Choice Photo Booth has the perfect photo booth options for you. Our services are designed to make your event a success, and we’re committed to providing top-quality photo booth rentals. Here are five must-have photo booth options for your graduation party in Cleveland, Ohio:

Custom Photo Strips

Add a personal touch to your graduation party with custom photo strips. Customize your photo strips with your school colors, graduation date, or any other message you like. This option is perfect for Cleveland-based graduates who want to show their local pride.

Digital Props

Our digital props option allows guests to add virtual props to their photos without touching any physical objects. This option is perfect for those who want a contactless experience. Digital props provide endless possibilities, from Cleveland sports team memorabilia to iconic Cleveland landmarks.

Green Screen

With our green screen technology, guests can choose from a variety of backgrounds, including Cleveland landmarks like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or the Cleveland Museum of Art. This option allows your guests to transport themselves to any location they choose, adding a unique local touch to the photo booth experience.

Animated GIFs

Guests can record a short video that we’ll convert into a looping animation, perfect for sharing on social media. Animated GIFs provide a modern and interactive element to your photo booth experience. They are a great way to encourage your guests to share their photos and spread the word about your graduation party in Cleveland.

Personalized Backdrops

Create a custom backdrop that matches your graduation party theme or includes Cleveland landmarks like the Cleveland skyline or Cleveland’s iconic Terminal Tower. Our personalized backdrops are perfect for those who want a more personalized touch and add a unique Cleveland flair to your graduation party.

At Clear Choice Photo Booth, we offer top-quality photo booth rentals that are perfect for graduation parties in Cleveland, Ohio. Our photo booth options are designed to give your guests a fun, interactive, and personalized experience. Contact us today to book our services for your graduation party in Cleveland.

In conclusion, a photo booth rental is a must-have for any graduation party in Cleveland. Custom photo strips, digital props, green screen technology, animated GIFs, and personalized backdrops are some of the options that can make your photo booth experience even more memorable. Clear Choice Photo Booth offers a range of photo booth options that are sure to make your graduation party in Cleveland unforgettable.