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Multi Camera Array Set Up

The Bullet pro Multi Camera Array

The Bullet Pro is a multi-camera array that freezes a single moment in time and creates 3D GIF animations for instant sharing. This system uses either seven or eleven cameras (depending on available space) to capture the moment. Our multi-camera array works especially well with physical sets and backdrops to help showcase the 3D nature of the output. They are popular at corporate parties and marketing activations, however are no strangers to weddings and social gatherings.  Our camera array is perfect for any event, small to large, that is looking a non-traditional photo experience that is on trend. Fully brandable and instant sharing via sms or email with easy upload buttons for social media make going viral easy.


a frozen moment

Wanna get your guests moving? With multiple cameras firing at the exact same moment from all different angles our software freezes your guests and combines the images into one gif or mp4 file. This file  plays in a loop rotating around the people and objects in the photo perfectly capturing a single moment from every perspective. 

3D Gif
Multi-Camera Array Set Up

branding at it’s best

If you’re looking to enhance your branding within your event space, our multi-camera array The Bullet Pro provides the perfect solution. The equipment can be designed to match the rest of your activation. For an upgraded experience ask your sales person about slideshows or other available options. 

add confetti for more 3d

Have a simple set-up in mind? Add confetti, fake snow, or anything else to enhance the 3d effect.  

gif with moving overlay

gif to social media

Twitter loves GIFs. Facebook recently became GIF friendly with the ability to post GIFs via links from other websites, and Instagram hasn’t been playing nice at all. That’s okay. We are equipped with the tools necessary to help your guests post their multi-camera array on all three of these social media outlets. So, let the Likes, Shares and Retweets commence!


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