Vogue Booth


celebrity status awaits

Upgrade your event with a branded vogue booth. Inspired by Vogue’s photo op seen at the Met Gala our light tunnel captures unique boomerangs and videos. The software records as the lights flicker on and off creating a photo experience that’s typically saved for A-List celebrities. Once complete everyone in the booth can text or email themselves the fully branded video right from the kiosk and share to social right from their phone.


an experience like no other

Our clients are usually looking for something they haven’t seen before and for an experience that gets their guests excited to share their branded content on social media. The Vogue Booth checks both of those boxes, but the apperance makes quite the impact as well. 

With lighting attracting guests from every corner of your event space, and the exterior customized to match the rest of your event decor the experience is unforgetable.


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