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Photo Mosaic Wall

Our Mosaic Station creates digital and physical mosaics from event photos in real time resulting in an interactive experience and beautiful mosaic. The software will print photos as stickers, and guests will place stickers on the wall with a corresponding number. This results in a mural of your branding made up of everyone who was a part of your exciting event or activation. 


an engaging experience

An addition to your photo experience, a photo mosaic wall provides guests an opportunity to be a part of your brand. Our on-site team will help your guests locate their sticker and the location it needs to be placed on the mosaic wall. Throught the event guests can check-in as the mosaic wall is filling up to see how they fit into the mural. 

Live Mosaic wall

Our live event photo mosaic station creates stunning digital mosaics from event photos in real time. The software will gather images taken throughout the event, or monitor hashtags in real time as they are posted to social media. During your event the result is a stunning animated display of your mosaic building in real time. 


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